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V.I.P. Services

Captain or crew for your boat

New boat owners to tournament teams

Captain Your Boat
Do you want to learn how to catch more fish on your existing boat? Do you need help setting up a new boat? Would you like to be more proficient with your existing electronics? Riptide Charters can provide licensed Captain's and/or crew on your boat!


Riptide Charters can provide your fishing club or private group with a full range of teaching services. From a hands on rigging session for a small group to a large venue PowerPoint presentation we can create an instructional seminar customized to meet your needs.

VIP Airport Service
VIP Service

Riptide Charters understands your time is valuable. Thatís why we offer complementary VIP airport service to those charters that prefer to fly privately. We have several local airports to choose from; including those with runways up to 5424 feet and ILS capabilities. Riptide Charters can accommodate all of your personal air travel needs.

Riptide Charters endorses
VIP Service
Rectrix Aerodrome Hyannis, MA